Customer Stories

Leadership development after acquisition

An insurance company that was acquired by the world’s second largest insurer wanted to develop their existing leaders, newer leaders and their emerging leaders. They found flexibility and simplicity they needed with REACH 360.

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An innovative technology retailer that has let customer experience shape organisational development

A long standing retailer of premium AV and IT brands is watching their bricks and mortar sales grow and thrive through customer focused sales team development utilising the REACH Ecosystem.

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Living the Dream, a mould breaking digital nomad making a difference in people’s lives

A Business Coach and Relationship Specialist is travelling Australia with her husband on a mission to help small business owners and their workers to create more harmonious and productive workplaces with the REACH Ecosystem.

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An accounting practice that is successfully building and managing higher performing offshore teams.

A specialist accounting practice for the construction industry has used the REACH Ecosystem to successfully recruit and retain off shore staff that love their work, are reliable and perform exceptional well.

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Immediate impacts and opportunities to Education and Migrations Services Australia (EMSA) when they adopted the REACH ecosystem.

A CEO and Founder that puts his team culture and his client’s experience at the heart of everything he does uses the REACH Ecosystem to strengthen and grow his team in a global migration environment.

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After 20 Years of “getting it right” this business consultancy firm changed their tools and improved results

After using the same collection of tools with their clients for many years, this business consultancy firm started using the REACH Ecosystem, find out how it improved their practice.

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Major opportunities highlighted for strengths-based management with the guidance of the REACH Ecosystem

A Senior Leadership team discover opportunity for strengths-based management and strengths-based task allocation through a better understanding of each other with the help of the REACH Ecosystem.

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A real world application of REACH in a teaching hospital that is contributing to the outstanding work that they are doing in
the medical research field.