REACH Products are visual and tactile resources that improve activities during coaching, training and workshops, and even more importantly help keep the impactful learning top of mind back on the job also they can help your workplace sustain productive and positive culture.

Insights to Know, Resources to grow, and products to keep it alive.

Make it Real REACH Rug

Make it Real with a REACH Rug, a bright and colourful way to bring REACH to life in your REACH training, presentations and at the office. This Rug has been designed to get everyone up and physically moving. The sheer act of physically moving has been proven to change mindsets and perspectives. Below are some recommended activities to utilize the REACH Rug.

The REACH Rug is 2m x 2m and is made from Anti Slip polyester and light weight for easy transport.

Make it real REACH Rug Activity 1 – Training Session Warm Up

Designed to be used with small training groups up to 6 – 8 people in conjunction with REACH Training Materials, have the participants move around the REACH Rug with the “REACH in Two Questions” activity.

Make it real REACH Rug Activity 2 – Role Play in Different Quadrants

The REACH Rug can be used in role play and fish-bowl activities for just about any REACH Training Materials. Ask participants to stand in different quadrants and behave in that style. Then debrief activities such as Conflict Resolution, Delegation, Customer Service and more. Imagine the power of seeing an Advisor manage conflict between two Drivers, or a Counselor dealing face-to-face with an irate customer.

Make it real REACH Rug Activity 3 – Office Space

The REACH Rug can be put in various places around the office to remind people of the concepts of REACH. They can keep the concepts alive by using this as a tool to remind themselves of the various REACH Styles and how they can reach others by thinking in other REACH Styles besides their own.

Download REACH Floor Mat Activity File

Learn to REACH Caps

REACH Caps are perfect visual tool for incorporating REACH into group activities where participants want to learn how to extend their REACH.REACH Caps can be used creatively in many formats that allow people to learn to appreciate different REACH styles and grow their own REACH. REACH Caps were originally designed for an activity called “Thinking in Colour” which is provided below.

Learn REACH Caps are made of high-quality durable cotton and are embroided (not printed) front and back to ensure longevity for many training sessions and interactions. They come in a pack of 4 Colours each cap representing a REACH quadrant.

Learn to REACH Caps Activity – Thinking in Colour

When facilitating an interactive activity or role-play you can extend the learning outcomes of these by applying the REACH Thinking in Colour activity. In this activity the participant/s is given a Learn to REACH cap of a REACH quadrant that is not their own. When wearing the Learn to REACH cap, they need to think and act throughout the activity or role-play as that quadrant/colour.

The Driver – Focus on Actions and Outcomes

The Coach – Focus on People and Action

The Advisor – Focus on Detail and Doing

The Counselor – Focus on People and Detail

By having participants act and think through a different quadrant/colour that is not theirs, they learn to appreciate the different communication, conflict handling, delegating, planning and learning styles of others and through this increase their REACH.

Download REACH Caps Activity File

Learn to REACH Labels

Learn to REACH Labels are designed to be a more versatile option to bring REACH top of mind.  They work well in small and large team activities when worn in a name tag style and can be used as a quick way to identify how others act and think through a different quadrant that is not theirs. They learn to appreciate the different communication, conflict handling, delegating, planning and learning styles of others and through this increase their REACH.
Learn to REACH Labels also work well after training where they can be stuck to an individual’s computer monitor or workstation that indicate the strengths of their REACH Zone.

The REACH Labels are made of a high quality fabric sticky labels that are designed to last all day training.

REACH to my Team Visualizer/Reminder

The REACH Team Visualizer/Reminder can be used in multiple ways in both training and in the office. When displayed in a high traffic area REACH will be kept top of mind. Below are guidelines for use of the REACH Team Visualizer/Reminder which is also in downloadable format.

The REACH to My Team Visualizer/Reminder is A0 841 x 1189 mm and is made from a study 250 micron synthetic plastic stock.

REACH to my Team Visualizer/Reminder guidelines for use

  • For this activity the simplest way to plot all participants on the REACH Grid is by generating a TEAM Insights Report from the REACH Ecosystem which will give the position of everyone participating.
  • Place the REACH Team Visualizer/Reminder on a flat surface, preferably a wall where it is clearly visible. Ask participants to mark their REACH position on the grid with a sticky dot. Recommend that participants put their initials on the sticky dot so they can easily locate themselves later. When this is done one person at a time in a group activity it is a super effective way to get everyone engaged, talking and learning more the dynamic they have with each other.
  • When you construct this activity with participants who have not seen their REACH score, they begin to develop a sense of self-awareness and their blind spots as well as of those around them.
  • The REACH Team Visualizer/Reminder is a powerful way to keep Team Dynamics and REACH alive. It can be revisited on a regular basis, people can be added, removed or moved by simply adding, removing or moving dots.
Download REACH Team Dynamic Visualiser guidelines

Play to our Strengths REACH Cards

The REACH Strengths cards are designed to improve team building and self-confidence. They are suggested for use in the REACH Coaches Companion and the PPA Team Synergy course. They explore more diverse attributes than the REACH Competencies and really help open a broader conversation that grows REACH as part of the learning journey and helps appreciate diversity in the team.

Keep it Alive REACH Cubes

REACH Cubes are designed to build empathy and grow an appreciation for thinking differently. They encourage productive and positive interactions in the workplace, workshop or personal development sessions. They can be used in any creative way to grow REACH and below we have provided two recommended activities for use. The REACH Cubes pack comes with 4 REACH Cubes one representing each REACH Quadrant. Each REACH Cube is 7.5 cm squared and are made from durable EVA Foam.

Keep it Alive REACH Cubes Activity 1 – Thinking Outside the Square

When people are participating in activities during REACH workshops, training or personal development sessions provide each participant with a REACH Cube and ask them to complete the activity or interaction Thinking and Behaving based on what REACH Cube was provided to them.

Are they the Advisor focused on detail and doing?

or a Coach focused on People and Action?

This brings a whole new level of empathy building and appreciation for the strength of thinking differently.

Keep it Alive REACH Cubes Activity 2 – Grow Your REACH in your space

After REACH has been introduced using the REACH Training continue to keep REACH alive in the workplace by providing each person with a set of 4 REACH cubes to take back to their work space.

Personal REACH and the REACH of their colleagues can be grown by using these cubes on a regular basis with these great ideas:

The Desk Stack:

Stack your REACH Cubes on your desk and on top of the stack place the cube that is reflecting your current REACH zone. Ensure that you have the side that says “Thanks for dropping by, right now I am in my __________ quadrant” facing outward so those approaching your work space know how you are feeling and acting at that current time. This is designed to help those around you recognise different behaviours/responses they may or may not receive from you based on the situation and REACH zone.

Think Before I Act:

Use your REACH Cubes to be mindful of your interactions with others. Whilst interacting use the cubes to review your behaviours and actions. Take up the cube of the quadrant you currently feel you are in and review these sides: Think before I act: Is this what I need to be right now? Flip the cube over to the side of the profile overview and think about the style in which you are Communicating, Conflict-handling, Delegating etc. Is this what you need to be to REACH the person you are interacting with? If not find the REACH Cube that best suits the situation and maximises your REACH with that person and use the profile overview to help guide your interaction.

Download REACH Cubes Activity File

REACH Ecosystem eLearning Certification

This technical certification covers the fundamentals of the science and research behind REACH and provides training in the application of the different tools. This certification is available exclusively to Subscribers, Practitioners and Partners as part of the REACH Subscription.

REACH Recognition Practitioner Plaque

The REACH Ecosystem Practitioner Plaque is a stunning 6” x 8” glass representation of the completion of the REACH Ecosystem Certification. Suitable to be displayed on a desk or business reception area. The REACH Ecosystem Practitioner Plaque can be purchase after confirmation of completion of the REACH Ecosystem Certification.