REACH Ecosystem Psychometric Profile Tool

Self Awareness, Feedback and the Resources to Grow

REACH Profiles provide powerful insights on all levels:
  • REACH Profiles support a wide selection of specialized applications, including personal growth, team-building, leadership development, sales training and recruitment.
  • REACH Profiles are administered via a simple format that is both desktop and mobile-friendly, with an average completion time of only 12-15 minutes.
  • REACH Profiles are fully integrated within the REACH Ecosystem, producing multiple reports from participants' responses without having to retake the survey.

REACH Personal Style Report

Personal Style Profile

A detailed overview of an individual's preferred personal style. This report provides a summary of 10 personality dimensions that shape personal style, matched with strengths and coaching points. Written in simple language, this report is intended for the individual and is often leveraged in workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching conversations. The report can be provided to the individual for self-reflection.

Communication Profile

A brief overview of an individual's preferred approach to interpersonal communication. Presented as a high-level summary, this report is intended for the individual and is often leveraged in workshops and seminars. The report can be provided to the individual for self-reflection focused primarily on communication.

Team Dynamics Visualizer

A simple, graphical display of the preferred styles among a group or team. By plotting participants' styles together on a single matrix, this report helps leaders to literally and figuratively get 'everyone on the same page'. The report is intended for a trainer, coach or leader to better understand the styles with whom they may be interacting in a specific setting (such as a workshop or a group project).

Leadership Development
REACH Leadership Development Profile Report

Leading Profile

A 20-page, comprehensive review of an individual's approach to exercising influence. This report reveals the individual's preferred style with extensive graphical and narrative content based on 10 dimensions. The style is compared to responses from over 15,000 participants in a comprehensive leadership study, from emerging leaders to senior executives. The report is ideally suited for training, development and coaching programs aimed at increasing RQ. The report is intended for the coach or facilitator who will guide an individual in exploring the questions: 'how can I grow?' and 'where can I expand my REACH?'.

Sales Development
REACH Sales Profile

Selling Profile

A thorough review of an individual's selling style - the way they tend to navigate the sales cycle. Providing insights based on specific steps (such as building rapport and closing the sale), this report offers an ideal resource for training and developing new sales professionals, while also yielding quantitative and qualitative insights to guide coaching efforts for those more experienced in the profession. The report is intended for the sales manager, trainer or coach who will guide the individual through a coaching, training or development process to increase sales performance.

Recruitment Support

Position Profile

A simple, 1-page snapshot showing how closely an individual's REACH Profile matches those of high performers in specific roles. Generalized ideal ranges are indicated based on criterion-related validation studies. Since each Position Profile originates from a specific study, users must evaluate suitability in supporting recruitment practices, such as formal interviews and job previews. This report is intended for the manager, team leader or HR professional and should not be disclosed to the job seeker. Customised Position Profiles can be developed for employers with unique position needs, based on technical feasibility standards.